PG Impact Investments AG becomes Blue Earth Capital AG

PG Impact Investments AG celebrates its sixth anniversary this year and thanks to the trust of our investors as well as the valuable support of Partners Group, we have attained a size that now enables us to act independently: as per July 15, 2021 PG Impact Investments AG will become Blue Earth Capital AG.

Our vision and investment approach remain unchanged: our daily work is rooted in our mission to manage some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges on our blue planet by investing capital to achieve a measurable impact through attractive and sustainable financial returns. Likewise, the company’s profit will still go to the PG Impact Investments Foundation, now Blue Earth Foundation, to finance its philanthropic activities.

By launching new funds and expanding the mandate business, we aim to double our assets under management from currently USD 400 million to USD 800 million by 2024. Accordingly, over the next four years, we will further expand our own support functionality to reach operational independence from Partners Group. Moreover, we will move into our own headquarters at Neufeldstrasse 4 in Baar by October 1, 2021.

To successfully navigate through the next stage of our journey, we are strengthening our boards: Phyllis Kurlander Costanza will join the Blue Earth Foundation Board of Trustees replacing Fredy Gantner. Phyllis is the CEO of UBS Optimus Foundation and Head of Social Impact at UBS. Tilmann Trommsdorff and Sandra Pajarola have joined the Board of Directors of Blue Earth Capital AG, alongside Urs Wietlisbach, Urs Baumann and Andreas Kirchschläger. Tilmann is a former Partner at Partners Group and was responsible for Portfolio & Risk Management and a member of Partner Group’s Executive Board. Tilmann joined Blue Earth Capital already in 2016 as a member of the investment committee. Sandra Pajarola is a non-executive director and strategic consultant in the private equity industry. As a former Partner at Partners Group she was responsible for the global funds and co-investment activities and a member of Partners Group’s global investment committee.

We thank Partners Group for their valuable support in establishing PG Impact Investments and we thank our investors for the confidence you show in us – we look forward to the next stage of our shared journey and to the future of Blue Earth Capital.

About Blue Earth Capital

Blue Earth Capital is an independent global impact investment firm, headquartered in Baar-Zug, Switzerland with operations in New York, London and Singapore. It manages investment strategies for an international clientele of professional investors who are seeking investment solutions that offer market-rate returns, while also helping to address pressing social or environmental challenges.

Initiated in 2015 by Urs Wietlisbach and backed by the Wietlisbach Foundation, Blue Earth Capital has been incubated and built-up with the support of Partners Group, leveraging its experience as a leading global private markets firm.

Blue Earth Capital is fully owned by Blue Earth Foundation, a Swiss not-for-profit organization which protects the impact mission of Blue Earth Capital and re-invests 100% of the firm’s operating profits in support of its philanthropic activities.


Urs Baumann
Blue Earth Capital AG
Co-Founder & CEO
Tel: +41 41 784 64 49

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