Principles for Responsible Investment is a United Nations-supported international network of investors working together to implement its six aspirational principles. The Principles offer a framework of possible actions for incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance issues into investment practices across asset classes.

The Impact Management facilitates standard-setting for organisations to clarify the landscape of standards and guidance used by practitioners for their impact management practice. IMP developed four initiatives that are collectively well-positioned to mainstream impact management, so that all organisations have the resources they need to improve their sustainability impacts.

The Bundesinitiative Impact Investing (BII) is a federal initiative with themission to create the prerequisites by building up the impact investing ecosystem in Germany, so that additional capital can be used to meet social and ecological challenges. The initiative always keeps an eye on the specifics of the German social economy, as well as investments in and from Germany. This includes spreading the impact investing approach as well as strengthening and promoting cooperation between different actors.

The Operating Principles for Impact Management developed by the International Finance Corporation provide a reference point against which the impact management systems of funds and institutions may be assessed. They draw on emerging best practices from a range of asset managers, asset owners, asset allocators, and development finance institutions.

The SPTF is a global non-profit membership organization, with more than 3,000 members from all over the world. Its members come from every stakeholder group in inclusive finance. SPTF engages with these stakeholders to develop and promote standards and good practices for social performance management (SPM), in an effort to make financial services safer and more beneficial for clients.

BlueMark was founded with a mission to “strengthen trust in impact investing” through bringing more accountability to the impact investment process. BlueMark analyzes verification data and results, and publishes research based on their sample set of verifications. Providing a reliable resource for independent, third-party assurance of impact claims and practices, BlueMark plays an important role in advancing best practices and ensuring the impact investing industry scales with integrity.

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is a nonprofit membership organization with 280 members across 41 countries building industry infrastructure and supporting activities, education, and research that help accelerate the development of the impact investing industry.