PG Impact Investments invests in BroadReach and Vantage, improving healthcare delivery to the world’s most deprived communities

Globally, billions of dollars of private and public capital are dedicated to improving the health of those beyond the reach of traditional healthcare systems. However, lack of visibility and infrastructure make it difficult to deliver healthcare efficiently to the populations that need it the most and much of this money is spent ineffectively. This is particularly true of regions in developing countries that suffer disproportionately from the effects of diseases such HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

BroadReach, a healthcare consultancy based in South Africa, has delivered high-quality health outcomes across the sub-Saharan region since 2003. The company has harnessed its first-hand experience of the operating environment to develop its change management model which encompasses the implementation of leading-edge technology to drive greater efficiencies. Working in partnership with Vantage, a data-driven platform optimized for the developing-market context, combining workflow management, data gathering, data analytics, collaboration tools and operational solutions, Vantage allows governments, corporations and healthcare organizations to navigate the fragmented, challenging landscape of healthcare delivery in emerging markets. BroadReach, through it’s Vantage implementation, now supports healthcare programs treating 6 million patients annually across sub-Saharan Africa and influencing healthcare coverage for hundreds of millions more.

PG Impact Investment’s equity investment will help BroadReach to continue rolling out Vantage and their change management services to support healthcare delivery to even more underserved communities.

Urs Baumann, CEO of PG Impact Investments, stated: “The combination of BroadReach  and Vantage helps to ensure that clinicians can reach hundreds of thousands of people who would not otherwise receive potentially life-saving treatment. We are excited to support their joint goal of empowering healthcare leaders to improve the well-being of millions more people.”

John Sargent, BroadReach co-founder expresses the value of the partnership, stating, “Our goal is to radically improve the quality of life for marginalized populations, and scaling our impact through technology is the most expeditious means to that end.” Ernest Darkoh, BroadReach co-founder, underscores the importance, explaining, “If we are to collectively solve the world’s most complex issues—end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure all humans have access to quality health care, education, and decent work—then the development industry must augment earnest efforts with the proven, transformative power of technology.”

About PG Impact Investments

PG Impact Investments was founded in 2015 with the vision that private investment, innovation and entrepreneurial talent can provide solutions to the challenges faced by our society, as well as create sustainable growth. PG Impact Investments is a private sector, mission-driven, global investment firm specializing in investment solutions aimed at delivering financial returns as well as creating a positive social and/or environmental impact. It manages investment strategies for an international clientele of professional investors who are seeking investment solutions that offer market-rate returns, while also helping to address pressing social or environmental challenges. All profits from the business activities of PG Impact Investments are transferred to PG Impact Investments Foundation. The Foundation supports social initiatives and social businesses ventures that otherwise would not receive funding through commercial investors or investment funds.  Whilst being independent from Partners Group, PG Impact Investments entities are backed by Partners Group and its employees, and benefit from the global infrastructure, investment know-how and specialist resources of this leading global private markets investment manager.

About BroadReach Consulting:

For nearly two decades, BroadReach has partnered with governments, multinational health organisations, donors and private sector companies in more than 20 countries to improve the health and wellbeing of underserved populations. Through the skilful intergration of change management consulting and leading-edge Vantage technology, BroadReach gives clients the innovative edge to radically transform health outcomes for populations in need. BroadReach Consulting is a certified implementing partner of Vantage Technologies.

About Vantage

Vantage is a powerful technology platform developed by Vantage Technologies, a Swiss software solutions firm.  It is configurable to specific client solutions offering leaders just the right information, at the right time, to take the right actions. Vantage is powered by sophisticated technology and deep industry experience, yet it is designed to engage users with simple to access, highly relevant recommendations that inform decision making and empower action. These recommendations are linked to a proven workflow management solutions guiding staff to implement actions consistently and at scale.

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