BlueEarth renews its partnership with Quadria Capital, a leading healthcare-focused private equity fund manager in South Asia and Southeast Asia, to increase the supply of high quality, affordable healthcare in the region

Baar-Zug, Switzerland, July 28, 2023

Blue Earth Capital (“BlueEarth”), through its investment vehicles, has committed USD $ 17 million to funds managed by Quadria Capital (“Quadria”) in support of providing high-quality, affordable healthcare in developing Asian markets.

Rohan Ghose, Director of Funds and Co-Investments at BlueEarth stated: “We are delighted to deepen our partnership with Quadria Capital as we together seek to address the healthcare demand-supply gap in South and Southeast Asia”.

Abrar Mir, Co-Managing Partner at Quadria Capital, added: “We are excited to be partnering again with BlueEarth, a well-established and renowned impact firm. They have consistently demonstrated their support and commitment as a Limited Partner throughout our mission to deliver both outstanding financial returns and sustainable social impact.”

There is a clear healthcare-demand supply gap in South and Southeast Asia, resulting in challenges in terms of healthcare: (1) Access. The number of hospital beds per 1,000 people in South Asia is more than 5x lower than in the United States [1]; (2) Affordability. More than 55 million people in India are pushed into poverty each year because of healthcare expenditures [2]; (3) Quality. The likelihood of contracting an infection from a medical procedure is on average 3x higher in Southeast Asia than in the Americas [3];and (4) Awareness. An estimated 51% of all diabetes cases in Southeast Asia go undiagnosed [4].

Blue Earth Capital believes that Quadria is uniquely positioned to tackle these challenges by providing growth capital to portfolio companies to help increase healthcare provisioning and by offering strategic and operational support to its portfolio companies, via its experienced, sector specialist investment team and significant, dedicated value creation resourcing (including Value Optimization Board of healthcare industry veterans).

BlueEarth has worked with Quadria to further strengthen its robust governance and operational processes and aligned on a clear set of impact priorities related to the number of healthcare beneficiaries resulting from Quadria investments.

About Quadria Capital

Founded in 2012, Quadria Capital is an Asia healthcare-focused private equity firm with assets under management of over USD $ 3.4 billion, maximizing returns by investing in the high growth healthcare sector of some of the world’s fastest-growing economies in South Asia and Southeast Asia, including Healthcare Delivery, Life Sciences, Medical Technology and Associated Healthcare Services subsectors. The firm aims to create significant and sustainable shareholder value by supporting strong, professionally run, stable and scalable healthcare organizations to address the critical and undersupplied healthcare needs in Asia.

About Blue Earth Capital

Blue Earth Capital is a global, independent, specialist impact investor, headquartered in Switzerland, with operations in New York, London, and Konstanz. Blue Earth Capital seeks to address the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges by delivering measurable impact alongside aiming for attractive and sustainable financial returns. The company operates dedicated private equity, private credit and fund solutions. Blue Earth Capital is owned by the Blue Earth Foundation, a Stiftung (charity/trust) registered in Switzerland that focuses on deep impact to support initiatives and business ventures to help deliver a more equitable and sustainable future.

Quadria Capital investor relations contact
Gerald Ng
Phone: +65 9815 8291

BlueEarth media contact
Kekst CNC

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[2] BBC (2023).

[3] World Health Organization (2022).

[4] International Diabetes Federation (2021).

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