BlueEarth partners with Lombard Asia, a leading growth equity fund manager in Southeast Asia, to create high quality jobs and help increase gender equality in the region

Baar-Zug, Switzerland, March 16, 2023

Blue Earth Capital (“BlueEarth”) has committed $ 10 million through its investment vehicles to Lombard Asia V (“Lombard V”), a growth equity fund investing in Thailand and Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam (“CLMV”).

Rohan Ghose, Director of Funds and Co-investments, BlueEarth stated: “We are delighted to partner with Lombard Asia as they look to build on their successful track record of generating attractive commercial returns alongside key priorities of quality job creation and increased female representation “.

Pote Videt, Chairman of Lombard Asia added: “We welcomed the addition of BlueEarth, an established and well-known impact focused fund, to our investor group as we completed the fund-raising of Lombard Asia V.”

Job quality is a key development focus in Thailand and CLMV: 71% of the region’s population works in the informal economy, 53% are deemed to be in vulnerable employment, and modern slavery is more common than in many developed economies [1]. Female workforce representation is also lower than many developed economies: 39% of the female working age population does not participate in the workforce [2].

BlueEarth believes that Lombard Asia V will tackle these challenges by (1) providing growth capital to portfolio companies, thereby creating jobs and (2) through Lombard Asia’s focus on professionalizing portfolio companies, which includes increasing female representation in senior positions.

BlueEarth has worked with Lombard Asia to develop its impact evaluation, measurement and management framework, and agreed upon a set of clear impact priorities, including a continuing focus on job creation and training, and furthering the participation of women in the work force and senior management.

About Lombard Asia

Lombard Asia Management is a private equity manager whose principal operations are in Thailand and CLMV. Lombard Asia was established by certain Southeast Asia-based investment professionals formerly affiliated with Lombard Investments, Inc., which sponsored three prior funds that collectively invested in 36 portfolio companies in Southeast Asia.

About Blue Earth Capital

Blue Earth Capital AG is a global impact investment firm headquartered in Switzerland, with operations in New York, Konstanz, and London. Blue Earth Capital seeks to invest in businesses that address pressing environmental and social challenges, whilst aiming for market-rate financial returns. The firm was initiated in 2015 by Urs Wietlisbach, one of the founders of Partners Group, and is backed by the Ursimone Wietlisbach Foundation.

Investor relations contact
Julia Wicklein
Phone: +41 41 768 83 07

[1] International Labour Organisation (2021).

[2] World Bank (2021).

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