Blue Earth Capital announces partnership with Achieve Partners to support the development of a more equal and effective education system in North America


Blue Earth Capital AG (“BlueEarth”), the specialist global impact investor, today announces a new partnership with Achieve Partners (“Achieve”, “the Manager”), a US-based impact fund manager focused on addressing education challenges in North America. The partnership comprises a primary commitment to the Manager’s latest fund, Achieve EdTech Buyout Fund L.P. (“the Fund”), and a commitment to a single-asset GP-led continuation fund.

The Fund, managed wholly by Achieve Partners, supports the scale-up of Education technology (‘EdTech’) companies in the United States working to tackle long-standing challenges in the North American education system. EdTech is a key enabler of improved academic results and more effective learning for students, delivering a more customized, engaging, and accessible learning experience to align with students’ individual needs. Inclusivity and affordability are at the core of such innovations, ultimately enabling a more equal education system.

Through the partnership, the Fund will invest in scaling businesses focused on reducing the cost of education for both students and institutions, increasing the quality of learning, and improving teaching and access to education. Achieve Partners has a focus on historically marginalized communities, working to address inequalities in the education system.

Nicolas Muller, Managing Director and Head of Private Equity Partnerships at BlueEarth, commented“Our partnership with Achieve Partners aligns with our impact strategy to harness technology to reduce educational inequality. Achieve Partners has a great track-record of investing in EdTech businesses that can generate measurable and long-lasting impact for underserved communities in North America. Given that nearly one in five American children live in poverty and disparate access to quality education persists, private sector investments in the education space are imperative to bridge these divides and unlock equitable opportunities.”

Daniel Pianko, Managing Director at Achieve Partners, added“BlueEarth has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most forward-thinking firms at the intersection of innovation and impact. Technology currently represents less than 5% of global spend on education and we share BlueEarth’s vision that leveraging technology will improve access and opportunity for learners at all stages of their educational journey.”


Notes for editors:

About Blue Earth Capital

Blue Earth Capital is a global, independent, specialist impact investor, headquartered in Switzerland, with operations in New York, London, and Konstanz. Blue Earth Capital seeks to address the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges by delivering measurable impact alongside aiming for attractive and market-rate financial returns. The company operates dedicated private equity, private credit, and fund solutions. Blue Earth Capital is owned by the Blue Earth Foundation, a Stiftung (charity/trust) registered in Switzerland that focuses on deep impact to support initiatives and business ventures to help deliver a more equitable and sustainable future.

About Achieve Partners

Achieve Partners is engineering the future of learning and earning by investing in cutting edge technologies and novel business models to bolster skill development and secure the future of work for millions of Americans. By harnessing digital transformation to build new models for learning and new pathways to good jobs, Achieve is helping to level the playing field, improve socioeconomic mobility, and rekindle the American Dream.

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